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Wealth, Virtue, and Moral Luck: Resisting Having More Than We Need

By Dr. Kate Ward
Boston College


Dr. Kate Ward discusses her book, Wealth, Virtue, and Moral Luck, which examines the pressing ethical issue of economic segregation. This type of segregation, of disproportionate separateness driven by money, harms the moral development of wealthy people and those with less. Regardless of financial status, people’s everyday decisions form their moral character. Many Bible places condemn wealth, yet the Christian response seems lackadaisical. Wealth, Virtue, and Moral Luck explores the formation of virtue and the many circumstances and economic positions that influence it.

Kate Ward (Ph.D., Boston College, 2016) is a scholar of Christian ethics whose research focuses on economic ethics, virtue ethics, and ethical method. She has published articles on wealth, virtue, and economic inequality in journals including Theological Studies, Journal of Religious Ethics, Heythrop Journal, and Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics. She is completing a monograph exploring the impact of wealth, poverty, and inequality on the pursuit of virtue.