A Place for Conversation

The Stead Center for Ethics and Values seeks to be a place for conversation on relevant, current, critical justice issues. This site is a platform […]



On the Journey to Breakdown Whiteness

The summer of 2020 was memorable for many reasons. My hope is that for those of us who are white Christians, we will remember that […]

By Dr. Kate Ott

Stead Center Names New Director

The following announcement was released from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in April 2022. Dr. Kate Ott has been named the next holder of the Jerre L. […]

By Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Profiles in the Metaverse

Politics, and how to engage in it, is always in a state of flux and motion. Sometimes politics progresses and takes on a new evolution […]

By Shane R. Hinson

What’s the Dirt on Grit?

South Dakota Governor and former cattle rancher Kristi Noem has a beef with her fellow GOP governors: they aren’t gritty enough.  In her 2021 address […]

By Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon and Sara A. Williams

Fear and Anger

Extreme weather in Texas for about a week in February saw snow in places where the existence of the white stuff had hitherto been only […]

By Victor Lee Austin

The Ethical Cost of Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Weapon Systems

Autonomous weapon systems have been around for a while now. However, what is meant by autonomous is open to interpretation. The typical meaning of an […]

By Joshua K. Smith

“…and so, theology is possible”

Shortly after John Webster passed away unexpectedly on May 25, 2016, a friend and I found ourselves reminiscing about our late mentor. “The thing I […]

By R. David Nelson

The Narrow Confines of Identity

“Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages […]

By Gilbert Meilaender