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The Stead Center for Ethics and Values seeks to be a place for conversation on relevant, current, critical justice issues. This site is a platform […]



Corona Hermeneutics 1: Follow the Science?

Follow the Science has become the standard phrase among politicians and administrators for justifying ever stricter measures to fight the corona pandemic. Most people readily […]

By Jens Zimmermann

Teaching and Learning Moral Theology

Asked what I do for a living generates a moment of existential dread as I ponder how I should answer. I teach moral theology but […]

By D. Stephen Long

Fixing the Jericho Road

As a bioethicist, much of my work has shifted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Perhaps more than anything else, it has got me thinking about how […]

By Devan Stahl

Living Life Forward

Sam Waxforth, the main character in Christopher Beha’s recent novel, The Index of Self-Destructive Acts, is a tech-savvy young man who crunches numbers in order to […]

By Gilbert C. Meilaender

When Words Fail

Some decades ago, a teacher of political science put something so succinctly that it has remained with me though his name is long since forgotten. […]

By Sondra Wheeler

Welcome to InStead

This web site is a new venture, and new sections and materials will be added as they become available.

By Brent Waters