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The Stead Center for Ethics and Values seeks to be a place for conversation on relevant, current, critical justice issues. This site is a platform […]



In Praise of the Mundane

 Common Callings and Ordinary Virtues focuses on the ordinary, the quotidian, and the mundane. Why write about such a humdrum topic?  In my training as […]

By Brent Waters

Chronic & Cumulative Stress: A Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Health Crisis 

Photo by Jack Moreh from Freerange Stock In October 2022, I co-led #Letstalkmentalhealth, a 3-hour Mindful Mondays series that took place over two weeks. The […]

By Kenya Tuttle

Installation of Rev. Dr. Reginald Blount

Today we honor and celebrate the Installation of Rev. Dr. Reginald Blount as the Murray H. Leiffer Chair in Formation, Leadership, and Culture, as well […]

By Samantha Eyster

Understanding Intersex: Developing a Healthier Theology of Sex and Gender

DeFranza critiques traditionalist interpretations of the Bible that have harmed women, LGBTQIA+, cis-gender and straight people; advancing more inclusive, faithful, healthy, and ethical biblical interpretations.

By Megan K. DeFranza, PhD

Survival and Growth Through Mindful Spirituality 

Photo by Jack Moreh from Freerange Stock Stress is a prevalent form of emotional, psychological, and affective tension when we cannot control exterior situations or pressure. Because it […]

Ethics in Interreligious Dialogue

In spaces like seminaries, there is a tangible and growing desire to step out of our theological and pedagogical conformity. But we fail to capitalize […]

By Sanjog Patro

Ecowomanism and the Jackson Mississippi Water Crisis

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Melanie L. Harris We are grateful to Rev. Dr. Melanie L. Harris for her presentation on “Ecowomanism and the Jackson Mississippi Water […]

By The Stead Center

Walking Through the Valley

Walking Through the Valley: Womanist Explorations in the Spirit of Katie Geneva Cannon echoes Psalm 23. It assures us that God will be with us […]

By emilie m. townes