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The Stead Center for Ethics and Values seeks to be a place for conversation on relevant, current, critical justice issues. This site is a platform […]



Hermeneutics of Food in Times of Crisis

As we taste the world, we perceive it. Hence losing taste, which is one of the symptoms of Covid-19, entails losing a primary connection to the […]

By Dr. Dorothea Erbele-Küster

Exodus 16 on Affording to #Stayathome 

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, #stayathome spread on social media. However, it entails privilege. The hashtag assumes the widespread availability of housing for […]

By Ludwig Beethoven J. Noya

Parenting for a Better World: Social Justice Practices for Your Family and the Planet

Dr. Ellen Ott Marshall and Dr. Susanna Snyder explore what motivated them to write Parenting for a Better World. They address the press of managing […]

By Dr. Ellen Ott Marshall & Dr. Susanna Snyder

Exploring the Values of University Chaplaincy: An Interfaith Conversation

On March 14, 2023, The Stead Center of Ethics and Values welcomed faith leaders Chaplain Tahera Ahmad, Dr. Kate Ott, Rev. Julie Windsor Mitchell, and […]

Wealth, Virtue, and Moral Luck: Resisting Having More Than We Need

Dr. Kate Ward discusses her book, Wealth, Virtue, and Moral Luck, which examines the pressing ethical issue of economic segregation. This type of segregation, of […]

By Dr. Kate Ward

Is It Ethical for a Pastor to Use ChatGPT? 

Foreboding headlines describe a dystopian future where ChatGPT replaces human jobs, entices students into pervasive cheating, and finally offers a strong competitor to Google search. […]

In Praise of the Mundane

 Common Callings and Ordinary Virtues focuses on the ordinary, the quotidian, and the mundane. Why write about such a humdrum topic?  In my training as […]

By Brent Waters

Chronic & Cumulative Stress: A Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Health Crisis 

Photo by Jack Moreh from Freerange Stock In October 2022, I co-led #Letstalkmentalhealth, a 3-hour Mindful Mondays series that took place over two weeks. The […]

By Kenya Tuttle